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Flying Families has been around since 2000 and our mission has always been to get more pilots flying to more destinations and making the whole experience more fun. In theory at least you can go family 'flightseeing' plan romantic trips with your special someone and generally enrich your life and that of your family.
If only it were true. Flying in the UK was a constant battle against the weather. With the constant let down of trips cancelled, flying is not a family (or romance friendly) hobby. Add to that the expense and the seemingly endless rules and regulations and the private pilot in Britain is constantly struggling : struggling to stay current, struggling to find the time. Struggling to think of something to do on the rare occasions that everything comes together and you can actually fly. The result is that many give up. In the US flying is much cheaper, easier to organise and at least in Florida, the weather is relatively easy to predict and usually flyable! Destinations are so far apart that flying is more practical overall, airports and FBO much more friendly and GA friendly and at least in theory most pilots can fly into most airports.
Here at Flying Families our tools have changed over the decade that we have been in existence; we now use Twitter and Blogging rather than e-mail and a CMS. Many other things have also changed, we're now located in Florida (at 5,000 feet if our Twitter page is to be believed) and I'm more than half way through a US instrument rating and a US PPL. Does that make sense? No, but all will be explained in due course. Needless to say plenty of adventures in the aviation world will be described. Naturally I will continue to cover the G1000 that marvel of the aviation age, which just keeps getting better and better. The minnow pilots are catching up, rapidly with the whale pilots. Even some of the jet jockeys are getting jealous of our automation. Ha! The tables have turned at last.
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