HTGYFF5 – Funny questions passengers ask and how not to answer!

On October 1, 2010, in Flying With Passengers, Humour, Safety, by admin
English: ATC tower at .

Is That Supposed to be Flashing?   TV celebrities like Jeremy Clarkson refer to light aircraft as Flying Washing  machines. It gives the public the wrong impression and generally they don’t  have the right impression anyway. You’ve been flying for too long to realise but  your passengers, especially the new ones are full of questions […]

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Ten Miles to Run

On September 29, 2010, in Humour, Safety, by admin

It was George Bernard Shaw (I think) who said, “America and Britain are the same in all respects, except of course their language”, or to put it another way “America and Britain two countries divided by a common language”, that one was probably Churchill. What, you may ask, am I talking about? I’m sure you […]

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You’ve Got the Sack

On September 2, 2010, in Humour, by admin
Air Traffic Controller in EHAM TOWER, Schiphol...

These precise words came through my headphones from my instructor as we approached Odiham to practise a Precision Radar Approach in preparation for my IMC renewal test flight. This took me aback momentarily. Had he got on the blower to my work place and got me sacked? I blurted out the rather pathetic. “What?”. Was […]

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