G1000 Traffic Alerts

On August 9, 2008, in G1000, Safety, by admin
With the G1000 system becoming ever more capable and with it being fitted to more and more aircraft, it's probably time that you got the glass cockpit conversion! I've mentioned the Synthetic Vision system already. This is the display you can overlay on the PFD, but there is a wealth of information that can be displayed on the MFD too. One of these systems (if fitted) is the TIS (Traffic Information System). It is shown as one or two rings (depending on your range setting) on which are displayed detected traffic. To select the "Map - TRAFFIC MAP" page,  rotate the large FMS knob to the MAP choice. Then rotate in the smaller FMS button tot he "MAP - TRAFFC MAP" page. If the unit is active the soft buttons on the screen will show a STANDBY | OPERATE choice, with OPERATE selected. Your own aircraft is shown in the middle. If traffic is detected but out of range then a half yellow circle represents the traffic. A solid yellow circle represents conflicting traffic in range of the system. A Solid white diamond represents traffic which is not in conflict in range of the system. A solid white diamond is "Proximate traffic". I think this means not conflicting but it could conflict based on it's current movements. A hollow white diamond is traffic in range but appears to be not in conflict. Height trends are shown besides the symbols. An arrow pointing up if the aircraft is ascending at a greater than 500 ft/min rate and a downard pointing arrow if the aircract is descending at more than 500 ft/min. Numbers above or below the symbol tell you abou the current height above or below your own aircraft. The number is shown below for aircraft below and above for aircraft above. The range of the system can be set to 2nm, 6nm or 12nm, by adjusting the RANGE button. Voice alerts are generated whenever a new aircraft is detected and the system can even be configured to have a male or female voice.You can set the voice from the "AUX- SYSTEM SETUP" page under the "AUDIO ALERT" section.
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