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Last time we talked about what not to do. This week we’ll look more carefully at what it is that persuades passengers to go flying. The key word here is of course confidence. Passengers (yes even children) know when you are confident and when you are nervous. To get your confidence levels high, practise the […]

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Why you should LOVE your ADF

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NDB transmitter at 49.205892,-2.219973. Callsi...

Flying back from Jersey, about 5 miles from the coast one dark evening, just visual with the coast and the Isle of Wight, at about 3,000 feet, I was doing the usual; using every resource available in the aircraft to cross-check where I was and what was happening. GPS, agrees, sufficient satellites available, visually check […]

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HTGYFF5 – Funny questions passengers ask and how not to answer!

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English: ATC tower at .

Is That Supposed to be Flashing?   TV celebrities like Jeremy Clarkson refer to light aircraft as Flying Washing  machines. It gives the public the wrong impression and generally they don’t  have the right impression anyway. You’ve been flying for too long to realise but  your passengers, especially the new ones are full of questions […]

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Ten Miles to Run

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It was George Bernard Shaw (I think) who said, “America and Britain are the same in all respects, except of course their language”, or to put it another way “America and Britain two countries divided by a common language”, that one was probably Churchill. What, you may ask, am I talking about? I’m sure you […]

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Ditching at Sea

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Ever ditched an aircraft at sea? The wisdom is that you should land tail low and land parallel to the major swell. It’s covered in AIM 6-3-3, But this doesn’t cover what happens after the ‘landing’. In preparation for crossing that mighty stretch of water the English channel (which nonetheless is really cold – and […]

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HTGYFF 1 – How To Get Your Family Flying 1

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English: Light aircraft CFM Shadow Series DD a...

My wife has always been reluctant to fly. I’ve always wanted to take her and  the kids with me. Finally it seems we have got there and become a flying family,  but it wasn’t a fast process. There are many things you can do to persuade your  nearest and dearest into the air with you, […]

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