I've been asked this many times. To try and make the story interesting I'll write in the form of a modern thriller; with flashbacks, disjointed time-line and internal monologues. Tweet. He stared at the screen. Another pilot, consoled. Another family now enjoying the luxuries of aviation. He sighed. Still more pilots come. Tweet. Aaaaarghhh!! We're going to crash. I want to get out.  I want to get out. I looked back briefly. Remember : aviate, navigate, communicate. Don't let the screaming put you off. The accident reports will look silly. "Controlled flight into terrain after the pilot was distracted by his daughter, probably caused by light turublence". I turned the aircraft, a long slow turn, no more than 10 degrees of bank. Turn me away from controlled airspace and return to the field. No way I was going 300 miles with a screaming passenger. If only I'd known all those years ago that there was a way to slowly acclimatise a passenger new to light aircraft. Obvious really, but it was never taught in my syllabus in the UK and it's hardly ever mentioned in the US syllabus. I had to do something. I had to work out a method. Some step by step procedure to get from nervous passenger to confident traveler. After all if the passengers don't go with you, flying becomes solo and then it becomes an expensive but lonely hobby, then you give up. Family is more important. So it was my duty as a pilot! As an ambassador for aviation. Find interesting places to take passengers, that way they see the point of it. If it's faster than a car and more enjoyable then it becomes more likely your flying will continue. I had to do it! I had to form a new organization, but what should I call it? Turning over Swansea, heading for home, only 150 miles or so to go. Perhaps I should point out the Severn bridge, I turned to to talk to my passenger. Oh! She's asleep. Hey. You know what that means. She's now so comfortable that she can sleep after an interesting day half way across the country. Was this a success for Flying Families. I think it was. I think I'll call it Flying Families.
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